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Stor lekepark hos Storsand Camping

Large play area

We have a large, fun playground for our youngest guests. Storsand aims to offer a safe and enjoyable holiday experience for children of all ages.


The beachside pier is popular with our guests. Here you can enjoy a dip in the water on hot days. The pier is also a popular fishing spot among campsite guests.
Midtsandtange friluftsområde

Midtsandtangen recreational area

Midtsandtangen is located a few hundred metres from the campsite and offers hiking trails, a beach, play area and the largest kitchen garden in Trøndelag, with berries, fruits and herbs.
Midtsandtangen recreational area (NO)

Bathing beach

Our campsite has its own bathing beach for our guests


Trondheim is a popular destination for visitors to our campsite. Trondheim is only 15 minutes away by car, 30 minutes by bus and can also be reached by bike along a bike and pedestrian path.
Visit Trondheim

3 day trips in the area

This spring, we will be posting a number of suggestions for day trips in the surrounding area.
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